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Organic Farming

Vous accompagner dans le développement de votre exploitation

To accompany you in the development of your farm
Make the transition to an organic system? Integrating sustainable and innovative agro-ecological practices into your agrosystem?

Our team of 8 experts provides farmers in organic farming, in transition or wishing to integrate agroecological practices into their system, with reliable management indicators. These are complemented by a personalised advisory approach. It is based on the analysis of technical and economic management (TEM) as well as on field indicators derived from analyses or observations. The aim of this approach is to help you harmonise your agrosystem for greater efficiency in compliance with organic specifications.

My conversion project

My grazing system

My organic field crops

Animal welfare and ethology

Organic agro-ecosystem

conseils conversion élevage bio

The specialised adviser is familiar with the specifications and specificities of the organic system and determines ways to improve and manage the forage systems.

conseils pour réussir la saison paturage en bovins laitiers et bovins allaitants,

– System diagnosis: grassland audit, analysis of agronomic practices and grazing behaviour, analysis of technical and ecological performance in grazing

– Implementation of an action plan corresponding to the issues at stake

– Monitoring of grazing management indicators (tMS/ha yield, MCA, GMQ, % protein autonomy, etc.)

Améliorer son autonomie fourragère en agriculture biologique

Diagnosis of soil conditions. Use weeds and other tools as clues to rectify your land use and work on living soils.

Understand your animals and put them in the best conditions for a coherent breeding.

Autonomy, agronomic and zootechnical innovation, link to the land, economic and social efficiency, these are the key words that drive our team of organic advisors.

Integrating the breeder and his animals in the heart of the terroir and respecting the AB specifications, Eilyps accompanies the breeders individually or collectively.

Supporting your project and helping you to achieve your income objectives

A specialised advisor with a global approach is dedicated to you. He or she will advise you on the management of organic and sustainable agrosystems, providing support for the transition to a new system. Your advisor will also provide you with an analysis of your data and ensure your ongoing training as well as that of your partners or employees.

Eilyps has a solid reference base of diversified organic systems that it makes available to its clients to enable them to compare their results and make medium and long-term projections.

Whether you are a local breed breeder, in a small-scale farming system or in an intensive organic system, with Prim’Holsteins and a long-distance sales network, you will find at Eilyps a contact person able to answer your questions.

Why trust us?

Expertise with a 360° vision of agrosystems

Strong relationships with the French and international organic farming ecosystem

Always on the lookout for the latest scientific research and its application in operations for more virtuous and always profitable practices!

Mastery of alternative practices (TCS Bio, farmers' seeds, foster mothers, microbiome management, pharmacy meadows and natural meadows...)

They tell of their support with Eilyps

When you explain that you are an organic farmer, consumers listen better!
Nicolas Rubin, Organic breeder in Argentré-du-Plessis

I chose to go organic because I have always preferred grass-based rations. When I was able to increase my grazing area, I only had to take one step to go organic and it suited me!

Also, the reactions are different when you explain that you are an organic farmer, consumers are more receptive.