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Eilyps, your breeding partner

EILYPS, a dairy, beef cattle, goat and sheep breeding consultancy firm works at the heart of farms to ensure their income and profitability. A partner of breeders since 1933, EILYPS has been able to transform itself to lead change and support 3 000 farmers today.

EILYPS affirms its leading position in services to breeders. We have the ambition to create added value for you by offering personalized, efficient and scalable services organized around three axes: ADVICE – EXPERTISE – BREEDING.

And because we place human relationships at the heart of our project, we make strong commitments to satisfy you on a daily basis.

Proximity, neutrality and listening are the values ​​that drive our 260 employees. With the experience and the acquisition of technical, economic and interpersonal skills, they provide advice and expertise to meet the challenges of the breeer profession. They develop solutions to guarantee technical and economic performance and ensure the sustainability of your activity.