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Automatic milking robot or feeding system? The automation of farms is obvious. A successful project is an anticipated and prepared project that must be thought through in its entirety.

Our team of 17 robotization experts provides farmers equipped with robots, or in an equipment project, with performance indicators as well as an innovative consultancy approach based on technical and economic management (TEM) with the aim of helping you. Generate maximum margin with your investment.

My project, my strategies

Optimization of my robot

Indicators and herd management

Health and milk quality


Eilyps is involved in robotic milking with different operating systems. This solid experience gives us a global vision to adapt our milking robot advice according to your objectives and your sensibilities.

We support all breeders equipped with robots to better manage the technical and economic performance of their operation.

Choosing the right technical and economic piloting indicators allows you to improve the performance of your workshop, progress and reassure yourself by taking stock regularly, compare yourself with your reference group and identify areas for improvement.

Leucocytes chez les vaches laitières : les mesures de prévention

The volume and quality of milk collected by an automated milking stall depend on many criteria. They must be taken into account in order to make the most of your investment in automation.

équilibrer la ration de vos vaches en analysant vos fourrages

Robot system nutrition is a strategic element for the good health of the herd and the development of your farm. Efficient rations will allow you to reach your production objectives and generate better economic results.

A specialist advisor, with a global approach, is dedicated to you. He advises you in the management of automated dairy herds by providing support in getting started with your tool, interpreting your data and providing training.

With more than 400 robotic farms followed in advice, Eilyps has a solid reference base resulting from diversified systems that it makes available to its customers comparaison of results, efficiency measurement and allow medium-sized projections.

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Consulting expertise in robotics with a 360 ° vision

Complementarity of expertise (building, veterinarian, etc.)

A mastery of Robot software: LELY, DELAVAL, GEA, PACKO, BOUMATIC and SA

Close collaboration with your installers

He accompanies you

Milk production rebounded by 1.5 kg with improved TB
Jean-Pierre VIEL, robot and nutrition consultant

One of my breeders was generally satisfied with the production of his herd. However, on my first visit, I analyzed all the herd data on the robot and its tools. We conducted a strategic reflection around its forage system by choosing the type of grass harvested and that of the harvesting method. Thanks to this service, the breeder earned 0.5 € / NAV / day from MCA.