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Cattle farming

We support you in the development of your farm

Eilyps, leader in breeding expertise in the West of the France, specializes in the management of technical and economic performance.

Our team of advisers provides dairy and breastfeeding farmers with performance indicators and an innovative advisory approach based on GTE (Technical and Economic Management).

We make strong commitments for your success. This is why we provide you with a referent advisor, available and at your disposal on a daily basis. With a 360 ° view of your operation, he will coordinate all the expertise aimed at improving your profitability in the long term. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Operating strategies

Indicators and herd management

Health and milk quality


Renewal and reproduction

Eilyps, thanks to its dairy production experts, supports you whatever your milking system and helps you finding solutions to your dairy challenges.

Eilyps advisers support you in the analysis of dairy production results and indicators to help you progress your herd management.

The cox health and quality of the milk has an impact on the farmer’s income, the number of culls undertaken, the need of renewal heifers and the volume of milk wasted.

Optimized nutrition means: better feed efficiency, more milk and rates, a higher feed cost margin, improved animal health and reproductive outcomes.

“I don’t know how to improve my reproduction, my reforms and manage my renewal” … If, like many breeders, you realize, it is time to take steps to address these problems.

Why trust us ?

A strong spirit of initiative and innovation

Advice provided with ethics and transparency

A permanent watch on the evolutions and trends of the market

A network of leading customers and partners in the agricultural sector

They tell about their support with Eilyps

Anticipate to move forward more effectively
Claude BIZEUL, dairy farmer in Ille-et-Vilaine

My advisor provides me with reliable information, elements to compare my farm to a group and he takes an outside look at my practices. You have to look ahead and not behind to move forward more effectively, my advisor carries this forward-looking vision. He offers me solutions so that my investments are reasoned and spread over time. Consulting is an investment, of course I expect the result of this joint work.